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Owner, Bookkeeper

Christy is the owner and founder of Moneytree Bookkeeping and Consulting LLC, located in the beautiful state of Oregon. She comes with nine years of experience in her field and is outstanding at what she does. Not only is she precise and professional, Christy has a special knack for working with people. Her personal approach and dedication to getting to know her clients keeps them coming back time and again for all of their bookkeeping needs. 

Christy also realizes that each business is unique, and the requirements for every client are different. Because of this she works diligently to accommodate and is willing to do all that it takes to ensure that each and every job is done right.

Prior to entering the numbers game, Christy worked in the culinary world as a chef for 10 years. While she has experience providing bookkeeping services for a variety of industries, this previous work helps her stand out as a specialist in the services industry.

Outside of work, Christy enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband and their two daughters.

Christy welcomes all potential clients to Moneytree Bookkeeping and Consulting. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you with your bookkeeping needs. 

Weekly Bookkeeping

Weekly bookkeeping is a perfect option for any small - medium sized businesses who are ready to begin outsourcing their accounting.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly bookkeeping is for those who are ready to hand over their books so that they may focus on other important aspects of their business. 


Retroactive Bookkeeping

Retroactive Bookkeeping is for anyone who may have fallen three months or more behind on their books and isn't sure where to start. 

Consulting & Training

Consulting and Training is a great option for anyone who just needs a little extra help whether it be with troubleshooting, setting up, or learning the ins and outs of QuickBooks.

Additional Services

Additional Services are offered for individuals or businesses in need of assistance preparing tax forms and documents.

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